An endoscope allows the veterinarian to visualise inside the body by means of a flexible fibre-optic scope. Perth Equine Hospital is equipped with a range of endoscope units for diagnosis of a wide range of conditions.

Passed through the nose, much like a tube when drenching, detailed examination of the upper and lower airway respiratory tracts, sinus, larynx, trachea, bronchi and gutteral pouches is possible. Conditions such as Epiglottic entrapment, Laryngeal Paralysis and even pneumonia can be diagnosed by respiratory endoscopy.

Using our longer gastroscope, we can examine the stomach for presence of ulcers.
Other areas of the body such as the gastrointestinal tract (stomach, rectum, small colon) and urinary tract (uretha, bladder) can also be examined by endoscope.

Most endoscopic examinations are performed with the horse in the crush , and with the endoscope being connected to a large screen, you as the client will be able to see exactly what the vets sees.

We are also able to perform endoscopes at your in stables with our portable endoscopes.
For horses with mechanical airway issues we can use our dynamic respiratory scope to examine the throat while exercising including galloping.


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